Q: What does the Business Leadership Council do?

A: The BLC acts as a liaison between the undergraduate School of Business population and the Career Center to help the Career Center know what students are most interested in and to help the students take full advantage of the opportunities provided for them.

Q: Who can join the BLC and how?

A: The general board member meetings are open to all School of Business students and are held once every two weeks.

Q: What benefits does the BLC offer to the students, School of Business organizations, and staff?

A: The BLC works to institute new initiatives that will drive student engagement and connect the students with the faculty. The BLC assists the School in making tough decisions regarding topics that range from changes in undergraduate classes to the optimal location and time of employer presentations.

Q: What events does the BLC host?

A: All events, for the BLC and practically all School of Business organizations, can be found on the Calendar page.

Q: What is the best way for a student or organization to propose a new idea to the council?

A: We highly encourage students to play an active role in their undergraduate education, so we are open to hearing any idea you think might further the quality of a UConn School of Business experience. General meetings are held every two weeks, so you, or a representative from your organization, can pitch an idea there. Also, please email any idea or question to uconnblc@gmail.com